At All-Win Short Sale Solutions, LLC, our goal is for
all parties in the purchase transaction to WIN.

We are licensed in the State of Maryland as a Credit Service Business, allowing us to legally negotiate Short Sales. We work on behalf of the Buyers and Sellers to negotiate with the Seller’s Lender the best possible terms for the transaction.

The Buyer Wins having received a bargain on a great house and having had a seamless and smooth process working with a company specializing in negotiation.

The Seller Wins having sold their home and will no longer have the worry of making house payments on a home that is worth less than what is owed.

The Lender Wins having saved the time, money and resources on foreclosure and will receive fair market value for the property.

The Real Estate Agent Wins receiving full commission on the sale and saving time on the negotiation, thereby allowing for the freedom to find new clients.

At All-Win Short Sale Solutions we want
everyone to walk away a winner.

  1. You may stop doing business with us at any time. You may accept or reject the offer of mortgage assistance we obtain from your lender (or servicer). If you reject the offer, you do not have to pay us. If you accept the offer, you will have to pay us the amount the short sale lender has approved for our services.
  2. All-win Short Sale Solutions LLC is not associated with the government, and our service is not approved by the government or your lender.
  3. Even if you accept this offer and use our services, your lender may not agree to change your loan.